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We are Rehoboth Designs, a divinely gifted people with acuity and agility in our hands.

Rehoboth Designs is the exclusive Designer of hand Bags – made by hand with love, established in 2018, our company draws its inspiration

from the African beadworks and sewing and gives a modern but fun twist that all our customers like and enjoy to have.

Our bags are made detail to detail by hand. The collection raises an African confidence in bold colours & Design.

We are people driven by much love in what we do. We pass our love to our consumers and we accompany them on a day to day basis with a sense of confidence

We are people with this passion to bring your sense of feel and style into tangibility, we are very good at it, just give us a try!


We envision an enforced African fashion style, seasoned with a great sense of confidence and originality.


  • Ensure great quality African fashion is available and at the reach of everyone who love the African look.

  • Promote African beauty and values.

  • Train African to producing and consuming African cultural products.


  • Love
  • Elegance
  • Eloquence
  • Confidence


Mrs Thandazani is the founder and CEO of Rehoboth Designs.

Mrs Thandazani is the skilled gifted woman, with the passion to make things differently, with a touch of love which she alone seems to know how.

The beautifully crafted items of her collection will surely captivate most attentions and her fame is as a result of the great quality of what she does.

She is more devoted to passing her knowledge to many in order to perpetuate such a beautiful tradition to future generations and in the community.

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